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I Walk in Dread

First published in 2004, I Walk in Dread came out during the final season of the popular Dear America series. For a time the series was allowed to go out of print, but in 2011 my book was one of the lucky titles to be reissued with an updated look.

“Fans of the Dear America series are sure to New Cover, 2011enjoy this novel of the afflictions, accusations, and fear that gripped the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1690s. The novel reads as the diary of a twelve-year-old Puritan girl who lives with her uncle and her sister on a farm outside Salem, Mass. Their guardian leaves to find work at sea, and the sisters must keep up the farm. When a blizzard forces a businessman and his son to seek refuge on their farm, the men eventually weave their way into the girls’ lives, adding a slightly romantic subplot. Meanwhile, the girls find themselves in the midst of a hysteria overtaking the town. When other girls began accusing citizens of practicing witchcraft, the community must confront the idea that some citizens allegedly signed a pact with the Devil and are inflicting harm throughout the village. The author demonstrates how it is easy to let fear dictate action and emotion rule logic and leads the reader to realize that taking a stand for truth is not always an easy task, but most certainly a necessary one to promote justice.” —ALAN Review, Emily Pauly

On 7 November 2007 at a symposium called “Witches Among Us,” I gave a presentation on the writing and teaching of historical fiction, using I Walk in Dread as a case study. Click on the image below to watch the video (29 min).

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