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I’m very excited to announce the launch of my first indie e-book!

Meet Riley, a baby boy in a basket. When Orman O’Reilly trips over his too-big-toes and stumbles across the basket, Riley’s life is forever changed. WAHH!: A Day in the Life of Riley O’Reilly allows readers to experience Riley’s first day with Orman. Readers will delight in quirky, colorful characters, singing the oompa song, and meeting the Freds. Join Riley, Orman, and a host of other characters as they learn how to solve problems and have fun at the same time. 

WAHH!: A Day in the Life of Riley is humorous and suitable for pre-teens to enjoy reading on their own or with parents (who will relate to Orman’s new-dad emotions!).

Click here to read an excerpt, and visit Amazon here to or Barnes & Noble here pick up the rest of the story.


AUTHOR’s NOTE: This little book was many years in the making. The earliest drafts were written in the 1990s when I was teaching fifth grade and a mother of three schoolchildren. The kids I read the drafts to really loved the story—loved it more, in fact, than any other work-in-progress I’d ever shared with young listeners. Subsequently, I showed the manuscript to a few editors, but none of them could see how the book might fit into their publishing markets. With a few notable exceptions—the Amelia Bedelia books, for instance, or my classic favorite Mr. Popper’s Penguins—the expectation is that a children’s book protagonist be in the same developmental age group or perhaps one small step ahead of the presumed reader. Neither the adult Orman nor the newborn Riley matches that profile. These editors indicated that they considered the manuscript very well written and entertaining, but rather than take a chance on publishing it, they encouraged me to apply my talents to other projects they could sell. WAHH!

The manuscript would likely still be in a box of drafts literally collecting dust if it hadn’t been for my college student Alee Rogan. After completing my course on Literary Publishing, she began an internship with me to enhance the new media content of the course and learn more about the process of publishing e-books. In brainstorming ways to obtain appropriate material for her to try her hand at digital publishing, I remembered my abandoned book. What better way to find the audience who will enjoy A Day in the Life of Riley O’Reilly?