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In these pages I offer activities to keep you writing for a whole semester and beyond. Dr. Lisa’s Class includes some of my favorite lessons on creative writing craft, advice on being a writer, and ways of looking at children’s literature. It also links to guest posts and interviews from my November 2010 blog tour upon release of The Hole in the Wall.

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Getting Started: A Creativity Workshop Blog tour stop: Interview at The Book Monsters

What Drives Your Story?  Blog tour stop: “From Idea to Here in Twenty Years” at O.W.L (Outrageously Wonderful Literature from the Middle Grades)

Putting Your Plot in Gear   Blog tour stop: “Don’t Tell My Mother I Said This” at 

Place & Plot  Blog tour stop: Interview at Ms. Yingling Reads

Putting Your Character in the Driver’s Seat 

Talk About Voice  Blog tour stop: The Brain Lair

Making Time to Write When You Have Another Career  Blog tour stop: “The Benefits of Keeping Your Day Job” at Cynsations

The Cat in the Hat Goes to Graduate School   Blog tour stop: Interview at Green Bean Teen Queen

Novel Revision   Blog tour stop: Interview at Milk and Cookies

The Golden Rule of Criticism   Blog tour stop: “Writing Like Cats and Dogs” at Kid Lit Frenzy

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