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Hitching to Istanbul

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I publish poetry under the name Lisa Meunier so as not to confuse anyone who sees my name and expects a children’s book. My poems are definitely for adults.

The cover art for Hitching to Istanbul comes from one of my visual journals. I make my journal pages using a technique I learned from Teesha Moore ( First I swoosh down a background of acrylic paint onto watercolor paper. Then I cut and paste in clippings from magazines, greeting cards, handcrafted papers, ribbons, buttons, or other collage materials to create the images. The process is serendipitous–whatever I have around that’s interesting, I’ll pull into the page. Then I’ll doodle whatever dots, swirls, or drawings come out of my pens. Some of my pages invite poems into the blank spaces.

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Prayer for my Daughter

Here’s a sample of a poem I visual journaled, “Prayer for My Daughter,” a finalist in the 2008 River Styx International Poetry Contest and one of the poems in Hitching to Istanbul. You can hear me read the poem by clicking one of the links below.

Prayer for My Daughter (73 seconds, .WAV) (73 seconds, .OGG)

Click one of the links below to listen to “Lament of the Silkworm,” a Poetry 2008 International Publication Prize Winner that appeared in The Atlanta Review (Fall/Winter 2008).

Lament of the Silkworm (29 seconds, .WAV) (29 seconds, .OGG)

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